A professional voice-over is tasked with defining and offering consumers the “Voice” of a product or service. Every product and service needs to be heard. The voice is the critical element that will announce the product to the world and proclaim its benefits to consumers. To achieve an effective voice over, there must be a good understanding of the implications of tone, dramatization, and speed of speech.   In addition, to serve today’s diverse consumer marketplace, an English/ Spanish voice over offers the full package for your Radio, TV, and Internet based commercials.

The purpose of an announcement is to notify or inform. The intent of an announcement is to evoke action or emotion. A qualified and skilled voice-over can turn a drab message into an effective announcement that achieves the desired outcomes. This goal is realized through the use of volume, inflection, and verbiage. In order to spread a message to today’s diverse audiences, an English/ Spanish voice over is the perfect choice to share all of your important announcements.

The natural outcome of tutorials and training is that individuals learn.   This can be a hard goal to achieve in some cases. A knowledgeable and detail oriented voice-over is a great means to this end.   By the proper employment of auditory techniques such as highlighting important points through voice inflection and appropriately placed pauses, the learning process is greatly improved.   The additional benefit offered by a bilingual English and Spanish speaking voice-over can ensure an educational experience.

The primary desired outcome of a narrative is for the audience to empathize with the situation presented.   Given through auditory means, a message is given greater emotional value and, thus, elicits a greater emotional response. A well seasoned and proficient voice-over can evoke this emotion in the audience on a deep level.   By employing the services of an English/ Spanish speaking voice-over, companies and individuals can achieve a highly effective narrative.

Audio Books offer convenience to today’s busy world. Audio narrations of children’s books are known to assist in learning to communicate and read.   Regardless of age of audience, an experienced and articulate voice-over will create a much better experience for your listeners.   Through effective use of dramatic and emotional expression, a story comes to life.   With the added benefit of a highly fluent bilingual voice-over, your consumer market is greatly widened.

Interactive voice response systems allow companies to save millions of dollars in manpower. An experienced voice-over is needed to gain this benefit. Many customer and client concerns can be handled totally or in part through the use of IVR systems. IVR is, in most cases, the initial and, in some cases, the only interaction a customer or client will have with the business. Therefore, the voice behind the interactive voice response needs to be clear, professional and welcoming.   A talented voice-over is the perfect means to this end. Moreover, an articulate English/ Spanish voice over will offer these services to all your clients and customers.

There is no question, while hold time is necessary; complete silence is bad regardless of circumstance or situation. On-hold time that is filled with informative messages seems to pass much faster. This time can also be used to promote products and services. A professional voice-over can saturate dead-air with helpful commentary. In addition, Today’s diverse society demands a bilingual voice-over to fully satisfy this business need.

Dubbing and lip sync needs are among the hardest to provide. This is because the heard speech must perfectly match the visual speech. This makes the selection of voice-over critical to success of the project. Only a highly skilled, experienced and dedicated voice-over can achieve the desired effects of dubbing and lip syncing needs. A bilingual English/ Spanish voice over will offer an added layer of understanding and fluency to your dubbing or lip sync projects.

Radio and TV identifications and promotions are specifically designed to enthusiastically inform or remind audiences of the provider of the content. A skilled voice-over can offer a great answer to these needs.   Radio and TV ID’s and promos usually take up very little air time, but are intended to achieve the same goals as a full length commercial or advertisement.   A voice-over who is capable of utilizing the appropriate dramatization will make your IDs and promos shine. A bilingual English/ Spanish voice over will offer you a message that delivers the same outcome to a wider audience.

Videos are the best outlets serve a wide array of business and personal endeavors. The intent and desired outcomes of the videos are widely diverse. Likewise, the methods needed for success also differ. Whether your project is a Corporate Video, Institutional Video, Pharmaceutical, Health Industry Video, or Training Video; an expert voice over artist will be uniquely capable of assisting you to create a video that will achieve your desired goals. A voice-over who is articulate in both English and Spanish will offer a one-stop for all your video needs.


  • Whisper Room double panel recording booth
  • Kaotica Eyeball
  • Neumann TLM-103 Anniversary Edition microphone
  • Shure studio headphones
  • Apple hardware
  • Adobe Audition CC-2018 Software
  • Samsung flat panel, HDMI monitor in booth for video/ lip-sync timing
  • Yamaha NS-10M Studio Monitors
  • Alesis RA 150 Amplifier
  • Eco-Friendly (no paper used for script reading / electricity conscious)
  • ISDN – Telos Zephyr, Source Connect, ipDTL, Recording over Skype, Phone-Patch Available
  • UA Apollo Twin interface
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